Why Choose US?

There is no cookie cutter solution when customers seek for an effective time critical / expedited service plan. There are always several concerns, including potential breakdowns, weather impact, lack of communication. At Daylight Cargo, our experts will evaluate all aspects of your needs to ensure that we serve our clients with a best possible outcome.

Our cutting edge technology helps us to avoid some of the ‘’fatal’’ mistakes and provide updates in real time.

When choosing a carrier it is Critiсal

That you select a Company that…
  • Privately Held Corporation – You want to deal with a company that answers ONLY to their customer and NOT a Network of Part time Owners
  • Has the industry experience of 15 plus years – you must partner with a company that has successfully weathered the volatile economic cycles
  • Uses Late Model equipment – New Model trucks and trailers reduces risk of breakdowns and failure of service.
  • Does NOT rely on Convenience but on Long Term Partnership
  • Has the Transportation infrastructure to move freight regardless of market season – if your carrier is handcuffed to a specific market your pricing will suffer greatly.
  • Who provides a 24/7 live support
  • Who has 24/7 live GPS truck and trailer tracking with live dash camera view

We choose a long term partnership, because we believe in building relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide value our clients on a consistent, ongoing basis.